Members Draw Results 2022

January 2022

300        Rita Byrne

150        Pat Fitzpatrick

100        Noel Maher

50          James Dowling

50          Ollie Walsh

50          Gerry Carrigan

50          Brenda Fahy

February 2022

300        Tanya Morrissey

150        Ollie Stapleton

100        Helena Cantwell

50          Seamus Byrne

50          Catherine Phelan

50          Colin Corbett

50          Thomas Breen

March 2022

300        Michael Comerford

150        Siobhan Keegan

100        Treacy Kealy

50          Donal Shore

50          Brigid Galligan

50          Declan Morrissey

50          John Dooley

Semi loss

Muckalee and Thomastown were in action in the Semi-Final of the senior football championship played in Clara. It was Muckalee who had the better start but Thomastown upped their game and the loss of two Muckalee players for black cards left the score at the break 1-12 to 1-3. They were facing an up hill battle but when Muckalee were restored to full strength they made a gallant effort to reach the final and came close to levelling the game the ball came off the upright leaving Thomastown to go forward to a meeting with Mullinavat in the County Final. All in all a good year for the lads and with a little luck it could have been different. Final score 1-15 to 2-11

Colin McGrath 1-0 pen. Tadhg Gill, Ollie Walsh 0-1, Noel Darcy, Colm Kealy, Paddy Nolan, Daniel Comerford 0-1, Cathal Keegan 0-2, Mick Morrissey 0-1, Joe Maher, Brian Cody, 1-0,04f, Robert Reid, Robert Shore, Tom Morrissey 0-1,John Mulhall.

Subs David Walsh, Jack Farrell 0-1,Jason Shore, Shane Kinsella, Darragh Quinlan, Ciaran Nolan, Damien Tynan, James Carrigan, Adrian Farrell, Ciaran FitzPatrick, Bill Dowling, Matthew Shortall, Luke Maher, Sean Maher,

Sel.John Maher, Paudi Hyland,Nicholas Purcell, Noel Garvan , Eoin Maher.

Ref. Conor Everd


St Martins GAA Summer Camps 2022

St Martins GAA Summer Camp will take place in Muckalee GAA grounds over two weeks for girls and boys aged 5-13. The 18th to the 22nd of July and the 8th to the 12th of August. There is no written application form this year all information is to be filled on the following link:

Muckalee advance

On a lovely evening for the game Muckalee advanced to the semi-final of the Senior Football Championship put not before a game Mooncoin contributed greatly to the contest. It was the home side that made the better start with three points but Mooncoin came more into the game and there was only one kick of the ball in it at half time Muckalee 2-4 to Mooncoin 1-4. The second half was equally competive and with some great scores from both sides . Two goals from the home side saw them run out winners on the score 4-9 to 2-9.

Team Colin McGrath, Jason Shore, Ollie Walsh, Noel Darcy , Tadhg Gill, Paddy Nolan, Justin Manning, Joe Maher 0 -2, Mick Morrissey, Daniel Comerford !-0, Brian Coady 0-1, Robert Reid 1-4, Robert Shore 1-1, Tom Morrissey 1-0, John Mulhall 0-1.

Finishers Luke Maher 0-1,Bill Dowling, Jack Farrell, Shane Kinsella. also Mark Murphy, Conor Egan, David Walsh, Darragh Coughlan, Sean Maher, Damien Tynan, Adrian Farrell, Ciaran Nolan, Ciaran FitzPatrick, Darragh Quinlan, Matthew Shortall, Colm Kealy.

Selectors, Eoin Maher, Paudi Hyland, John Maher, Noel Garvan, Nicholas Purcell.

Ref. Gay Rafter


League semi final

Dicksboro and Muckalee contested the semi final of the senior football league under lights. Muckalee started well scoring 0-5 but the visitors got on the score board with a goal and two points, half time score 0-7 to 1-2. In the second it half was Dicksboro who played the better football and advanced to the League Final, result 2-7 to 0-9. Its the championship now against Mooncoin.

Colin McGrath, Bill Dowling, Ollie Walsh, Noel Darcy Colm Kealy, Paddy Nolan, Tadhg Gill, Robert Reid 0-1, Mick Morrissey, Justin Manning 0-2, Joe Maher, Brian Coady 0-1, Daniel Comerford 0-3, Tom Morrissey 0-1, John Mulhall.

Replacements Luke Maher 0-1, Josh Dempsey, Jack Farrell, Darragh Quinlan, Shane Kinsella, Matthew Shorthall, Also Ciaran Nolan, Ciaran FitzPatrick, Sean Maher, Damien Tynan, Conor Egan, David Walsh inj., Cathal Keegan inj.

Sel. Eoin Maher, Nicholas Purcell, John Maher, Noel Garvan, Paudi Hyland

Ref. Owen Behan


Juniors bow out

Muckalee travelled to Dr. Tierney park to play Graignamanagh in the first round of the Junior Football Championship. The home side who had already won the Junior League proved to strong on this occasion. Half time score 3-3 to 0-2 and final score 5-10 to 1-7.

Team Darragh Coughlan, Matthew Shortall, Jason Shore, Ciaran Nolan, Joe Reid 1-0, Noel Darcy, Mark Murphy, Bill Dowling, James Callinan 0-1, John Mulhall, Sean Maher 0-3, Damien Tynan, John Maher 0-2, Robert Shore, Conot Dooley , Aidan Egan, Ciaran FitzPatrick, Adrian Farrell 0-1. All Played

Sel. Tom Dooley, Nicholas Purcell, John Mulhall, Brian Cahill, Anthony Maher

Ref. John Walsh


Last round

Clara were the visitors Muckalee for the last the round Senior Football League, both sides won their opening games. After a well contested game it was Muckalee who won the points to top their section. Half time score Muckalee 0-3 to Clara 1-3 and the final score 1-8 to 1-5

team Mark Murphy, Jason Shore, Ollie Walsh, Noel Darcy, Tadhg Gill, Paddy Nolan, Justin Manning 0-1,Robert Reid, Mick Morrissey, Shane Kinsella, Joe Maher 0-3, Brian Cody, Daniel Comerford 1-0, Jack Farrell, John Mulhall 0-2 Sean Maher, Robert Shore 0-1, Cathal Keegan, James Callinan Damien Tynan Darragh Quinlan, Ciaran Nolan, Bill Dowling, Colm Kealy 0-1, Darragh Coughlan, Ciaran FitzPatrick, David Walsh.

SEL. Noel Garvan, John Maher, Nicholas Purcell, Paudi Hyland, Eoin Maher

Ref. Eamon Mansfield


Champions visit

Last year’s County Championship Thomastown were the visitors to Muckalee for the second round of the Senior Football ,League. The home side got off to the better start and were winning Muckalee 1-5 to Thomastown 0-2 at the break, the goal came after good build up play and finished by Joe Maher. The score in the second was a mirror image of the first scoring wise with the second goal also the result of a sweeping move for Tom Morrissey to finish to the net. Final Score 2-10 to 0-4

Colin McGrath, Jason Shore, Oliver Walsh, Tadhg Gill, Daniel Comerford 0-2 Paddy Nolan, Colm Kealy 0-1, Michael Morrissey 0-2, Robert Reid, Shane Kinsella 0-1, Luke Maher, Brian Coady 0-2,Jack Farrell 0-2, Joe Maher1-0, John Mulhall.

Replacements: Sean Maher, David Walsh, Tom Morrissey 1-0, James Callinan, Robert Shore, Darragh Quinlan. Also:
Ciaran FitzPatrick, Adrian Farrell, Aidan Egan, Damien Tynan, Matthew Shortall, Darragh Coughlan

Ref .Peter Burke

Sel .Nicky Purcell, Noel Garvan, Eoin Maher, John Maher, Paudi Hyland


Second round

The second round of the Junior football league took place in Johnstown on a blustery and cold afternoon, despite this both sides can can be complemented on their efforts. Muckalee had the better of the first half to lead 0-4 to 0-1. On the resumption it was the Fenians who found their shooting boots but despite this the visitors were still in the game until the hosts had the only goal of the game in the closing minutes final score Fenians 1-7 to Muckalee 0-4

John Mulhall, Matthew Shortall, Joe Reid, Ciaran Nolan, Luke Burke, Jason Shore, Mark Murphy 0-1, Tommy Quirke, Bill Dowling, James Callinan 0-1, Sean Maher 0-1, Dan Comerford, Conor Dooley, Robert Shore, Jack Farrell 0-1, Adrian Farrell, Damien Tynan, Conor Mulhall, Aidan Egan, John Joe Kelly, Tom Davis, Ciaran FitzPatrick, Conor Egan,( All Contributed)

Sel, Tom Dooley, John Mulhall, Nicholas Purcell, Brian Cahill, Anthony Maher

Ref. Eamonn Mansfield


First Win

Muckalee made the trip to Danesfort in the opening round of the Senior Football league. The game was played under lights, the players had to contend with wind and snow showers. Wind assisted Muckalee led at the break 0-6 to 0-2. Danesfort pressed strongly on the resumption but good defending and goal keeping kept them out. Muckalee had a fine goal from Colm Kealy and a good spread of scores among the forwards left the result 1- 9 to 1-3 a great effort from both sides.

Team Colin McGrath, Colm Kealy 1-0, Oliver Walsh, Tadhg Gill, Luke Maher, Patrick Nolan, Shane Kinsella, Joe Maher, Robert Reid, Daniel Comerfort 0-2, Robert Shore, James Callinan 0-2 , Jack Farrell 0-2, Mick Morrissey 0-1, John Mulhall 0-1. Matthew Shortall, Sean Maher (used), Darragh Quinlan 0-1,David Walsh(used), Bill Dowling(used), Adrian Farrell(used), Jason Shore(used) Conor Mulhall, Ciaran FitzPatrick, Conor Egan, Aidan Egan, Damien Tynan, Ciaran Nolan

Selectors Eoin Maher, Nicholas Purcell, John Maher,

Ref. Stephan Delaney


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