Club Rules

Guidelines for using the Field and Dressing Rooms in Muckalee

1. Pitch must be booked in advance

2. Any team using pitch for games must put up nets and flags and also take them down after the game

3. Each group using dressing rooms and pitch must leave it in a proper order.

4. Each group will be responsible for locking up and turning off lights in dressing rooms and toilets.

5. All items must be taken off playing area after training (this is a requirement for cutting the field)

6. Any team using lights for Training and Games will have to cover the cost of the Diesel. The cost per hour is €30and this will be paid to the Football Club by all clubs.

7. Any game fixed by Kilkenny Co. Board to be played under lights or anybody outside club looking to use the lights a charge of €150.00 per session will apply.

8. When Pitch and Lights are booked, training must start and finish on time.

9. Senior Hurling and Football teams will have preference on booking the Pitch.

10. The local field committee will decide if the pitch is playable during wet conditions

11. The local field committee will be responsible for cutting the pitch and keeping area tidy.

If any group fail to adhere to above rules the right to use of the pitch may be withdrawn.