St. Martin’s beat Black’s and Whites

St. Martin’s played Blacks and White’s this evening in Coon in the All County Junior League.  Blacks and Whites were first off the mark scoring 4 points before Brian Mulhall put St. Martin’s on the score board with a well taken point in the 12th minute.  However, with both sides shooting their share of wides, St. Martin’s trailed by 3 points to Blacks and Whites 0-6 at half time.  The second half saw St. Martin’s moving up the gears with some fine play from B. Byrne, M. Morrissey, N. D’arcy, S. Kinsella, K.Kelly and B. Mulhall.  With great determination, St. Martin’s ran out winners on a scoreline of 0-14 to 0-8.

Team: J. Shore, A. Murphy, B.Maher, B.Cadigan, P. Dowling, B. Byrne, M. Morrissey, N. D’arcy, T. Walsh, D. Breen, M. Mulhall, S. Kinsella, K. Kelly, B. Mulhall, D. Shore.  Subs: T. Morrissey, M. Dowling, C. Brennan, S. Egan, E. Maher, R. Kinsella.

Scorers: B. Mulhall 0-4, S. Kinsella 0-3 (3 frees), K. Kelly 0-2, B. Byrne 0-4 (2 frees, 2 65’s), D. Breen 0-1

Selectors: Nicholas Purcell, Anthony Maher, A. Lawlor

Referee: Eamon Larkin

04th May 2013