Second Win

St Martins had their win of the Alward Cup,the Emeralds were the the visitors to Muckalee.At half time Martins led by 1-6 to1-4 after a well contested first 30 minutes.On the turn around Martins dominated to run out winners 3-15 to 1-9.

R Shore,S Cadogan, B Maher, B  Cadogan,R Maher,A Lalor,J Dowling,P Maher,N  Darcy,S Murphy,P Haughney,B Mulhall,D Shore,E McGrath,S Coonan.

D Lalor(used) M Murphy( used)

Manager N Cashin.

Selectors L Dowling ,S Kelly,P Murphy.

First Aid N Maher.

15 may 2010