Second round defeat

Äæåê Ðè÷åð HD

St.Martins lost out to Dunnamaggin inthe second round of the Senior Hurling League played at Nowlan.Martins showed their best form early in the game and dominated for the first twenty minutes . A goal at this stage brought the Dunnamaggin right back in to the game and at half time the sides were level 0-10 to 1-7.The scoring in the second half never matched that of the first with Martins adding four points to Dunnamaggin five .Final score 0-14 to 1-12.

TeamcC McGrath,S Cadogan, P Nolan, O Walsh, James Maher, R Maher, Alan Murphy, E McGrath0-1(c), John Maher0-3, Joe Maher0-1, J Mulhall0-5, P Maher, S Coonan0-3, T Breen0-1, C Maher.

R Shore , B Maher, Brian Cadogan, P Dowling, M Dowling, N Darcy, A Murphy, B Mulhall(used), James Dowling, P Haughney, B Byrne(used), M Morrissey, D Breen.

7 May 2010