Saturday 25th Sept European Racquetball Day

On Saturday 25th September an all day session in racquetball will take place in the Muckalee community centre. This is to celebrate the European racquetball day and every club is asked to take part. The session will start at 9.00am and continue until 3.00pm. There will be refreshments throughout the day. Everyone is welcome at any standard. It is a great opportunity to watch and even play against some of the top players across Kilkenny. Lots of fun is to be had. Please bring googles if you wish to take part in a game or two!

The annual Muckalee racquetball tournament will be commencing towards the end of September. It is hoped that there will be a division one, two and three this year. We hope to get big numbers this year and it is a great way of keeping fit in the months leading up to Christmas. If anyone is interested please contact Maura on 087 0506402 OR Mark on 086 3604192