Please Support Fundraiser


St. Martins hurling/ Muckalee Football Clubs are running an All Ireland Goal time scratch card fundraiser for the clubs developments.  Scratch cards will be distributed to committee  members and players for sale in the next few days.  Scratch cards will cost €2 each.  Please get involved and support this fundraising effort.  Thanks.

Terms and Conditions
  • Scratch to match All Ireland senior hurling first goal and last goal times
  • The winning times will be when the ball crosses the goal line
  • Scratchcards cost is 2 Eur each
  • The first and last goal times will be posted to by 22:00 on Monday Sept 9th.  The times will be determined by St Martins Hurling and Muckalee Football clubs and their decision will be final.
  • What happens if no goal is scored in game? one scratchcard sold will have “No Goal” on scratchcard in place of an actual time – the holder of this scratchcard card will win the 500 Eur first prize.
  • What if only one goal scored in game? This will count as the first goal and the holder of this scratchcard time can claim first goal prize of 500 Eur
  • If the first or last goal is scored in injury time in either half the winning time will be the last second of normal time in each half i.e. 35:00 or 70:00
  • There will be a 7 day period from the end of the game for people to contact the claim number and present their winning ticket i.e. 17:15 September 2013

 Claims Contact: 087-9558578