Minors out of championship

St. Martins minors played Mullinavat in Tom Ryall Park on Thursday in the first round of the Championship.  Starting the better Martins were ahead at the break 1-06 to 0-03.  After the break Mullinavat dominated and it was all square with 15 min’s to play but Martins didn’t give up and got through for a goal  to go 2 points up with minutes remaining.  However Mullinavat finished the stronger and and won on a score of  St. Martins 2-11 Mullinavat 3-12.

Team: Jason Shore, Alan Kelly, Ruairir Kinsella, Shane Egan, Alan Lawlor, Patrick Brennan, James Callanan, Tom Walsh, Shane Kinsella, Jack Dowling, David Breen, Adrian Farrell, Donal Shore, Luke Maher, Conor Dowling. Subs:  Stephen Walsh, Tom Davies (used) Ronan Tynan, David Walsh, Damien Egan, Brian Quirke, Josh Dowling, Aidan Egan, Shane Dowling.

Selectors: Seamus Tynan, Tony Maher, Patrick O Flynn, Tom Walsh.

Referee: Eamon larkin.