Minors loose to Lisdowney


The minors played Lisdowney in the first round of the league in Muckalee.  Conditions were not good with strong wind and rain.  Martins played with the wind in the first half and got some fine points but Lisdowney got the goals and led at half time 4-03 to 0-11.  Playing with the wind in the second half Lisdowney continued to dominate and won on a final score Lisdowney 7-10  St. Martins 2-12.

Team; D Breen, S Egan, T Walsh, A Kelly, P Brennan, R Kinsella, A Lawlor, T Davis, L Maher, E Mahony, B Byrne, J Dowling, A Farrell, D Dooley, J Callan.  Subs: E Shortall, S Kinsella, P Hanlon (used) D Egan, C Dowling.