Minor’s beaten by single point

  The Minors played St. Patricks in Coon on Monday evening.  This was a even game with nothing between the sides.  Martins battled hard throughout the game and scored some fine points in the first half to leave half time score St. Martins 0-11 St. Patricks 0-06.  St. Patricks up their game in the second half and had it 12 points apiece with 15 mins remaining.  Martins then added 2 points before St. Patricks got through for a goal.  Martins did have a chance to draw the game but the ball dropped short and was cleared. Final score St. Martins 0-14   S. Patricks 1-12.

Team; Jason Shore, Shane Egan, Thomas Walsh, Alan Kelly, Alan Lawlor,Patrick Brennan, Jack Dowling, Luke Maher, Shane Kinsella, Adrian Farrell, David Breen, Tom Davis,Donal Shore, Ruairi Kinsella, James Callanan. Subs: Shane Dowling (used) Patrick Hanlon, Ronan Tynan, Damien Egan, Aidan Egan, Brian Quirke,David Healy, Stephen Walsh(inj), David Walsh (inj).

Selectors: Patrick O Flynn, Tom Walsh,Tony Maher, Seamus Tynan.

Referee: Ger Grady.