Martins win rematch

St.Martins beat Clara in the refixed Junior B Championship which was abandoned on Wednesday due to a serious injury to Martins midfielder Mick Keane.Despite going two goals down midway through opening half Martins went on to lead at the break 2-7 to2-4.Martins kept up the preassure inthe second half to win by 4-15 to 3-7.G00d to see Mick at game.The game was played in Muckalee.

M Murphy A Murphy P Shore G Doyle N Purcell Lalor B Byrne D Maher M Morrissey,B Malone,T Morrissey,S Murphy,P Keegan,C Kinsella,D Lalor.

Subs.N Clancy,D Dooley,T Dowling,P Haughney,F Lalor(all used),D Tynan,K Davitt,P Agar,C Healy,P Lalor.

8 July2009