Junior’s hold on for win

On a pleasant evening for hurling, St. Martin’s took on Dicksboro in the Junior Hurling League.  Dicksboro were the first to get off the mark scoring 3 unanswered points before St. Martin’s settled into business with a free pointed by Bryan Byrne.  With a further 2 points from Byrne and a free from Kieran Kelly, the sides were level.  St. Martin’s pulled away adding 2 more points before a pass into Kieran Kelly from David Breen saw the ball been driven to the back of the Boro net.  Kieran Kelly added another pointed free just before the half time whistle to leave the score 1-7 to 0-4.  St. Martin’s ploughed on to extend their lead before Dicksboro were denied a goal when Brendan Maher blocked the shot.  However, Dicksboro rallied and with 5 minutes left on the clock, got two goals within minutes of each other.  However, with daylight fading, St. Martin’s held on for the win on a scoreline of 1-15 to 2-10.

Team: Jason Shore, Brian Cadigan, Brendan Maher, Aidan Murphy, Noel D’arcy, Aidan Lawlor, Mick Morrissey, Paddy Dowling, Bryan Byrne (0-6), Luke Maher (0-3), Paul Maher, Michael Mulhall (0-1), Martin Dowling, David Breen (0-1), Kieran Kelly (1-5)

Subs: Eugene Maher, Jack Dowling (all used)

Selectors: Anthony Maher, Nicholas Purcell, Aidan Lawlor

Referee: John Guinan

26th July 2013