Healthy Body – Healthy mind………. as a Club we can contribute to our mental wellbeing.

Sport and the GAA including our own Club St. Martins  have a great contribution to make to the health and mental wellbeing of Irish society. The old adage of a healthy body and a healthy mind still rings true today. Unfortunately, the concept of mental health has been stigmatised, despite the fact that it plays a part of all of our daily lives – from how we think, relate to people, handle pressure or stress, and view the world we live in.

 Approaches to developing and maintaining our physical fitness and our mental fitness are very similar – we need to exercise our minds and bodies regularly, watch our diet and hydration levels, get plenty of sleep, and enjoy appropriate down time. But even if we do all this, injuries can happen through no fault of our own.

If you pull a hamstring you get a physiotherapist to assist you in your recovery. Getting help to overcome a ‘mental injury’ is no different.

The earlier you do so, the earlier you will get back doing what you love!

The following link brings you the your “play in my boots pack”.  These packs shine a positive light on the concept of mental health and align it with the world of GAA sports people. That is why we are using the term ‘mental fitness’ throughout this booklet.