Senior Hurling League Rd. 4

St. Martin’s took on Ballyhale Shamrocks in the fourth round of the Senior Hurling League in Bennetsbridge this evening.  Right from the start, the Shamrocks side raced into a 1-5 to 0-3 lead within the first 15 minutes of the game.  The Martin’s men could only manage a further 3 points before half time whilst trying hard to defend as they went in at the interval 7 points down. ( Ballyhale Shamrocks 1-10, St Martin’s 0-6).  The second half saw a little improvement for the North Kilkenny outfit.  They clawed their way back and cut the deficit down to 3 points with a Robert Shore goal.  This was after a missed goal opportunity and conceeding a goal to T. J Reid to go 6 points down mid way through the second half.  However, that was to be the last score of the game for St. Martin’s as Ballyhale proved too strong and ran out winners on a scoreline of 2-16 to 1-11.

Team: Colin McGrath, Shane Cadigan, Ollie Walsh, Bryan Byrne, Brian Mulhall, Paddy Nolan, James Dowling (0-1), Paddy Brennan, Mick Morrissey, John Mulhall (0-1), Tom Breen (0-1), John Maher (0-8), Paul Maher, Eoin McGrath, Robert Shore (1-0).

Subs: Shane Kinsella (used), Jason Shore, Aidan Murphy, Noel D’arcy, James Maher, Brian Cadigan, Luke Maher, Adrian Farrell, Donal Shore, Jack Dowling, Shane Egan, Eugene Maher, Thomas Walsh.

Management: Charlie Carter, Richard O’Shea, Ronan Ruane, Aidan Lawlor

Referee: Maurice Flynn

11th July 2014

Byrne Cup Rd.2 vs. St. Lachtain’s

On a very calm evening in Coon, the locals took on St. Lachtain’s of Freshford in the second round of the Byrne Cup.  In front of a small crowd, Luke Maher opened his side’s scoring with a point.  Straight after that, the Freshford side got themselves off the mark with a point.  They went 3-1 up before St. Martin’s found their feet and it was level pegging all the way through with points from Canice Maher, Shane Kinsella, Eoin McGrath, Tom Breen and Robert Shore.  With five minutes left in the first half, Martin’s pulled away with further points from Shane Kinsella and John Maher been accurate on free’s to put the score at St. Martin’s 0-11, St. Lachtain’s 0-7 at half time.  The second half restarted with St. Martin’s reasserting themselves and they continued to pull away with substitute Shane Coonan getting his name on the score board with two points from play.  Lachtain’s tried their best to pull back the deficit with a well worked goal from Stephen Farrell, quickly followed by a point from Johnny Fitz to leave the minimum between the sides.  However, the Martin’s men did not wilt as Luke Maher, Shane Kinsella, John Maher, Tom Breen and Robert Shore all took their scores when the opportunities arose with Eoin McGrath finishing off the game with the last point.  St. Martin’s picked up their second win on a scoreline of 0-23 to St. Lachtain’s 1-14.

Team: Colin McGrath, Martin Dowling, Noel D’arcy, Jack Dowling, Brian Mulhall, James Dowling, Thomas Walsh, Canice Maher (0-1), Shane Kinsella (0-3), Luke Maher (0-2), Tom Breen (0-3), Robert Shore (0-4), John Maher (0-6), Eoin McGrath (0-2), Donal Shore.

Subs: Shane Coonan (used)(0-2), Ollie Walsh (used), Damien Tynan, (used), Brian Cadigan(used), Shane Egan, Eugene Maher, Kieran Kelly.

Team Management: Charlie Carter, Ronan Ruane, Aidan Lawlor.

Referee: Paul Hunston

24th June 2014

Byrne Cup Rd. 1 vs Lisdowney

On a glorious summer evening in Lisdowney, St. Martin’s took on the homeside in the first round of the Byrne Cup.  Lisdowney were slow to get started and St. Martin’s took full advantage of this with Tom Breen scoring the first goal of the game followed by points from John Maher and Robert Shore.  Lisdowney scored a brace of points before scoring a goal of their own 20 minutes into the game.   After that, St. Martin’s upped the pace to keep their opponents at bay with points from Adrian Farrell, John Maher, Eoin McGrath and Shane Kinsella to cancel out points from Lisdowney.  The half time score stood at St. Martin’s 1-8, Lisdowney 1-5.

The second half continued as the first half began with goals from Tom Breen and Donal Shore within the first 2 minutes.  The visitors found it hard to hit the target but still kept ahead with points from Canice Maher, Brian Cadigan and John Maher, been accurate on free’s, plus a further two goals from Donal Shore as they went on to take the spoils on a scoreline of 5-13 to 2-11.

Team: Eugene Maher, Aidan Murphy, Paddy Nolan, Noel D’arcy, Brian Mulhall, James Dowling, Mick Morrissey, Canice Maher (0-3), Adrian Farrell (0-1), Paul Maher, Tom Breen (2-0), John Maher (0-5), Shane Kinsella (0-1), Eoin McGrath (0-1), Robert Shore (0-1).

Subs: Donal Shore (3-0)(used), Thomas Walsh (used), Luke Maher (used), Brian Cadigan (0-1) (used), Jack Dowling (used), Damien Tynan, Shane Dowling.

Team Management: Charlie Carter, Aidan Lawlor, Ronan Ruane,

Referee: Eugene Ryan

17th June 2014

Senior Hurling League Rd. 3 vs. Clara

With the sun shining on Nowlan Park, two neighbouring teams came to do battle in the Senior Hurling League.  Before proceedings got under way, a minutes silence was observed in memory of selector Ronan Ruane’s mother Mrs Breege Ruane  (RIP) who passed away during the week.  Then, St. Martin’s and Clara lined out against each other but Martin’s were missing James Maher and John Mulhall to injury.  Even though they were missed on the pitch, it was no reason for the poor performance of St. Martin’s who were poor through out the field.  With only two points from play in the first half and three from free’s, things looked very glum as the half time score was Clara 2-14 to St. Martin’s 0-5. with the loss of Bryan Byrne to injury, Martin’s fortunes did not improve as Clara went on to win on a scoreline of 3-24 to St. Martin’s 0-8.

Team: Colin McGrath (0-1), James Dowling, Ollie Walsh, Paddy Dowling, Bryan Byrne, Paddy Nolan, Paul Maher, Canice Maher, Mick Morrissey (0-1), Eoin McGrath (0-1), Brian Mulhall, Thomas Breen, Shane Kinsella, John Maher (0-5), Robert Shore.

Subs: Aidan Murphy (used), Jason Shore (used), Adrian Farrell (used), David Breen, Eugene Maher, Noel D’arcy, Brian Cadigan, Luke Maher, Shane Egan, Shane Cadigan, James Maher, Patrick Brennan, Jack Dowling, John Mulhall, Thomas Walsh

Team Management: Charlie Carter (manager), Richard O’Shea, Aidan Lawlor, Ronan Ruane.

Referee: Peter Burke

17th May 2014

Senior Hurling League vs. Tullaroan Rd.2

On an extremely windy but mostly dry afternoon in Jenkinstown, St. Martins’s took on Tullaroan in front of a large crowd.  The first two scores of the game belonged to the Tullaroan side as Padraig Walsh and a Mark Walsh free got their side off the mark.   However, St. Martin’s kicked into gear, assisted with a strong breeze,  with lovely scores from John Maher Bryan Byrne, Paul Maher and John Mulhall.  Tullaroan tried to reduce their deficit with further points from Mark Walsh and Shane Walsh (St. Martin’s 0-9, Tullaroan 0-5). John Maher added 2 points for Martin’s while Paul Buggy slotted one over for Tullaroan.  When the referee penalised the Tullaroan keeper for delaying the puck out, after warning him numerous times, he threw in the ball and there was stale mate.  As he was going to throw in the ball again, a meleé ensued which ran on for some minutes.  Once play resumed,  John Maher added one final point to leave the half time score St. Martins 0-12 Tullaroan 0-6.  In the second half, both teams  came out and gave it their all.  In the first ten minutes, Tullaroan held Martin’s scoreless whilst adding two points of their own courtesy of Martin Walsh and Peter Walshe.  A Colin McGrath free kick-started St. Martin’s scoring once again.  Shane Kinsella delivered a lovely ball into John Maher in the corner who in turn gave a lovely pass to brother Paul who finished it over the bar. (0-14 to Tullaroan’s 0-8)  But some say never to write off Tullaroan as in the next minute and a half, they had got to within 2 points of St. Martin’s scoring 1-1.  Mark Walsh been the goal scorer.  However to prove that goals don’t always win games, St. Martin’s went on the offensive with John Maher, Mick Morrissey, Paul Maher, Colin McGrath and John Mulhall all adding points to extend the lead once again.  Martin’s suffered a set back when corner back James Maher had to be stretchered off the field following a tackle from a Tullaroan player.  Tullaroan managed three further points, two free’s from the stick of Mark Walsh and one from county player, Tommy Walsh to leave the full time score St. Martin’s 0-24, Tullaroan 1-12.

Team: Colin McGrath (0-3), James Maher, Ollie Walsh, Paddy Dowling, Bryan Byrne (0-1), Paddy Nolan, James Dowling, Canice Maher, Mick Morrissey (0-1), Eoin McGrath, Brian Mulhall (0-1), John Mulhall (0-4), Paul Maher (0-4), John Maher (0-10), Shane Kinsella.

Subs: Jason Shore, Aidan Murphy(used), David Breen(used), Thomas Breen(used), Paddy Brennan, Noel D’arcy, Shane Cadigan, Adrian Farrell, Donal Shore, Brian Cadigan, Luke Maher, Jack Dowling, Shane Egan, Eugene Maher, Thomas Walsh, Robert Shore.

Team Management: Charlie Carter, Richard O’Shea, Aidan Lawlor, Ronan Ruane

First-Aid/Physio: Cathal Garvan

Referee: Eugene Ryan

11th May 2014

St. Canice’s Credit Union Senior Hurling League Rd.1

St. Martin’s opened their league campaign against O’Loughlin Gaels in a splendid Canon Kearns Park this afternoon.  John Maher started proceedings for St. Martin’s with a pointed free in the second minute.  Then, O’Loughlin Gaels kicked into action with points from Mark Bergin and Sammy Johnston.   Eoin McGrath slotted a lovely pass from Canice Maher over the bar before setting Thomas Breen up for a point of his own.  Mark Bergin pointed a free awarded to his side to draw the sides level for the only time in the game.  Once again, Eoin McGrath stepped up to the mark to put Martin’s ahead when he fielded a pass from the towering Brian Mulhall. (0-4 to O’Loughlin’s 0-3)  Alas, that was to be St. Martin’s final score for the half as the city side pulled away with a further 1-3 before the whistle sounded for half time.  (HT: O’Loughlin Gaels 1-6 St. Martin’s 0-4).  In the second half, things did not improve for the country side.  With the O’Loughlin Gaels side upping their work rate and finding the posts better than their opponents,  John Maher tried keeping his side in touch scoring 3 points from free’s and a 65.  Meanwhile, O’Loughlin’s were tipping away extending their lead, particularly with a goal from John Doyle.  (O’Loughlin’s 2-10, St. Martin’s 0-8)  John Mulhall added two points while Eoin McGrath fielded a pass from James Maher to further add to his tally.  David Breen goaled to leave 5 points the difference at full time as O’Loughlin Gaels claim their first two points of the league while St. Martin’s must look deeper to get their league back to winning ways.  Full time score: O’Loughlin Gaels 2-13, St. Martin’s 1-11.

Team: Colin McGrath, Shane Cadigan , Ollie Walsh, Patrick Dowling, Brian Byrne, Patrick Nolan, James Dowling, Thomas Breen (0-1), Michael Morrissey, Eoin McGrath (0-3), John Mulhall (0-2), Brian Mulhall, Canice Maher, John Maher (0-5), Shane Kinsella.

Subs: Jason Shore, James Maher (used), David Breen (used, 1-0), Aidan Murphy, Noel D’arcy, Patrick Brennan, Donal Shore, Brian Cadogan, Adrian Farrell, Luke Maher, Jack Dowling Shane Egan, Eugene Maher, Thomas Walsh.

Selectors: Charlie Carter, Richard O’Shea, Aidan Lawlor, Ronan Ruane

Referee: Gavin Quilty

13th April 2014.

Child Protection and Welfare training night

The rescheduled child protection and welfare training night will be held in coon hall at 8pm on 27th February, Conor Brennan the county children’s officer will be talking about the code of best practice. This training is a REQUIREMENT for all involved in coaching ,training, running of the fields and committee members, also anyone interested in coaching from this year on should attend.

Juvenile Registration

St.Martins juvenile registration takes place in muckalee community centre on friday 21st February from 7 to 8 pm, registration forms need to be filled out annually.
Juvenile membership costs;
Primary school – €40 per child
Secondary school -€60 per child
Single adult -€120
Family -€180
Family membership incorporates all children in the household.
Adults with family membership and single adult members are entered into a monthly draw with prize money up to €400 and can enter a draw for all Ireland tickets.
Any queries contact – secretary
Bord na nOg Tom Cullen 0868058151.

Medal Presentation

Muckalee Football Club and St. Martin’s Hurling Club held their medal presentation this evening in Muckalee Community Centre. The u.16 football team, Senior Footballers and Senior Hurlers were all presented with their medals by local Celebrity Jim Bolger.  Football Board Chairman Tom Brennan presented Man of the Match for the 2013 County Football Final to Colm McGrath. Guest speakers included Lar Maher, Tom Cullen, Patrick O’Flynn, John Ryan, Jim Bolger and Charlie Carter.  Both clubs thanked Jim Bolger for his generous sponsorship for Bord na N-óg and for taking the time out of his busy schedule to attend.  Also to Dick Dooley for supplying the food and Maria Murphy and Breda Maher for catering and everyone who helped in any way possible.  Also in attendance was the captain of the first Senior Football winning team (in 1968), Nickey Morrissey and his brother Martin who was former Chairman/Secretary of the club.  As Lar Maher said in his speech, Martin would drive from Kilkenny to Muckalee to bring a team of young lads only to be told that the match was called off as there were no mobile phones or twitter in that time!  An enjoyable evening was had by all and look forward to 2014.


U.16 Football Team

Man of the Match Colm McGrath with Jim Bolger and Tom Brennan

Jim Bolger with Nickey and Martin Morrissey

Jim Bolger with Nickey and Martin Morrissey

L-R: Patrick O'Flynn (Bord na N-óg Chairman), Brandon Sheehan (U.16 Capt), Lar Maher (Muckalee Football Chairman), Paul Maher (Senior Football Capt), John Ryan(St. Martin's Hurling Chairman)

L-R: Patrick O’Flynn (Bord na N-óg Chairman), Brandon Sheehan (U.16 Capt), Lar Maher (Muckalee Football Chairman), Paul Maher (Senior Football Capt), John Ryan(St. Martin’s Hurling Chairman)


2014 Draws

St Canices Credit Union SHC
Group A
O Loughlin Gaels St Martins
Tullaroan Carrickshock
Clara Ballyhale Shamrocks
Group B
Danesfort James Stephens
Rower Inistioge Dicksboro
Erins Own Fenians
Michael Lyng Motors IHC
Group A
Thomastown Tullogher Rosbercon
Young Irelands Conahy Shamrocks
St Patricks Glenmore
Group B
Graigue Ballycallan Lisdowney
Emeralds Dunn maggin
Mullinavat St Lactains
J J Kavanagh & Son JHC
Section A – Group A
Mooncoin Barrow Rangers
Graignamanagh Bennettsbridge
Cloneen Slieverue
Section A – Group B
Galmoy Kilmacow
John Lockes Windgap
Piltown Blacks & Whites
Section B – Group A
St Martins O Loughlin Gaels
Mullinavat Clara
Section B – Group B
Erins Own Dicksboro
Ballyhale Shamrocks James Stephens
J J Kavanagh & Son SFC
Group A
Railyard Clara
Kilmoganny St Patricks
Group B
O’Loughlin Gaels Mullinavat
James Stephens Conahy Shamrocks
Group C
Muckalee Mooncoin
Dicksboro Glenmore
J J Kavanagh & Son IFC
Group A
Blacks & Whites Rower Inistioge
Ballyhale Bye
Group B
Piltown Erins Own
Thomastown Bye
J J Kavanagh & Son JFC
Group A
Railyard Young Irelands
Carrickshock Danesfort
Graigue Ballycallan Bye
Group B
Carrigeen Windgap


Tullogher Rosbercon


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