Draw game

St. James Park was the venue for the Senior Football Championship clash between Muckalee and Dicksboro on a wet and stormy day. Muckalee played against the wind in the first half and led at the break 1-3 to 0-5. The goal coming from Sean Maher and the points from John Maher. Tom Morrissey added a second half goal with points from Thomas Breen Joe Maher and John Maher . Muckalee looked set for victory holding a three point lead with time almost up but Dicksboro goaled to secure a draw when they were awarded a penalty only after Stephen Murphy had saved the initial shot. Result 2-7 each the replay will be in Muckalee. Harry Kealy made his debut at senior level in this game well done.

Team Stephen Murphy, James Maher, Noel Darcy, Shane Kinsella, Mick Morrissey,Patrick Nolan, Jason Shore, Tom Breen 0-1 , Joe Maher 0-1,  Darragh Quinlan,Tom Morrissey 1-0, John Mulhall, Sean Maher 1-0, Brian Byrne, John Maher 0-5

Subs David Walsh (used) ,Harry Kealy (used), Eugene Maher, Luke Maher, James Carrigan, Dean Farrell

Selectors Eoin McGrath, Paul Maher, Tom Cullen.

REf. Gabriel Rafter



Juniors bow out

The Muckalee Junior footballers were drawn away to Tullaroan in the Championship.The home side set the tone of the game with a goal after two minutes and went on to lead at the break 3-8 to 0-2. Paul Maher and Harry Kealy registered the points. The loss of players to the Senior side was a drawback to the team but in fairness to the lads the never gave up right to the end.The scores came from Darragh Quinlan, Dean Farrell, John Joe Kelly and Brandon Sheehan. Result Tullaroan 6-9 Muckalee 0-6

Team John Coonan,Ciaran FitzPatrick, Alan Murphy, Richard O Shea,Darragh Quinlan 0-1, Daniel Comerford, Eoin Murphy, JohnJoe Kelly 0-1, Harry Kealy 0-1, Dean Farrell 0-1, Paul Maher0-1, Conor Mulhall, Danny Quirke, Robert Shore, Eugene Maher,

Subs Brandon Sheehan0-1, James Carrigan (used)


Sel.Tom Dooley, John Ryan, Seamus Tynan, Anthony Maher.

REf.Sean McMahon


Stern test

Muckalee were away to Tullogher/Rosbercon in the first round of the Senior Football Championship in Tullogher. Bryan Byrne opened the scoring after five minutes to which T/R replied , further points from John Maher and Bryan Byrne had the visitors ahead approaching the break then T/B scored a fortuitous goal to leave the half-time score 1-4 to 0-5. On the resumption the Muckalee lads upped their game and built a five point lead but once again T/B were not finished and cut the lead to two points with a fine goal.  Muckalee responded well after a stern test to advance to the next round.A greater spread of scorers and a resolute defence in the second half was key to the success, Brian Coady pointed and goaled after taking a super pass from Patrick Nolan, Thomas Breen chipped in with two points, Joseph Maher, Canice Maher also pointed. John Maher and Bryan added to their added to their first half tally. Final score 1-13 to 2-6.

Team Stephen Murphy, James Maher, Noel Darcy, Shane Kinsella, Mick Morrisey, Patrick Nolan, Jason Shore, Thomas Breen 0-2, Brian Coady 1-1, John Mulhall, Tom Morrissey, Canice Maher 0-1, Sean Maher, Bryan Byrne 0-3, John Maher 0-5,2f.

Subs Joe Maher0-1, Eugene Maher, Darragh Quinlan, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Conor Mulhall, Daniel Comerford.

Sel. Tom Cullen, Eoin McGrath, Paul Maher

Ref.John McCormack





Last game

Muckalee and Railyard played the last game of their group at the Community School in Castlecomer . Both sides were guilty of numerous misses during the first half which ended 1-5 to 0-2 Railyard ahead. The points were for John Maher and Tom Breen. A second goal for Railyard put them in control but in fairness to Muckalee they were not finished. Points for John Maher Brian Cody and a Tom Breen goal left one score in it with time running out but it was Railyard who pushed on with two points. Darragh Quinlan and Ciaran Fitzpatrick acquitted themselves well on their first starts in Senior Football. Final score 2-8 to 1-6.

Team Paul Maher, Shane Kinsella, Noel Darcy, Ciaran Fitzpatrich, Darragh Quinlan, Patrich Nolan, Sean Maher, Brian Coady 0-2, Tom Breen 1-1,Tommy Quirke, John Mulhall, Robert Shore, Eugene Maher, Bryan Byrne, John Maher 0-3, Conor Mulhall

Selectors Tom Cullen, Paul Maher, Eoin McGrath.

Ref. Peter Burke



First loss

In cold and stormy MW Hire Dunmore centre Graigue/Ballycallan proved too strong for the Junior Footballers from Muckalee. Under lights gale assisted Muckalee made a resonable start leading 1-4 to nil after twenty minutes but Graigue/Ballycallan were level at the break ssoring 2-1. Muckalee’s goal was scored by Robert Shore finishing to the net after a good team attack.The second half was mostly dominated by the the Ballycallan lads with Muckalee defending strongly,final score 3-7 to 2-6.

Team John Coonan, Sean Maher,Alan Murphy, Richard O Shea, Darragh Quinlan, David Walsh, Shane Kinsella, Colm Kealy, Harry Kealy, Luke Maher, Paul Maher, Daniel Comerford, Robert Shore 1-4John Maher 0-2, Eugene Maher, Dean Farrell,Danny Quirke, Tommy Quirke, Conor Mulhall,Ciaran Fitzpatrick,James Carrigan, Mark Coady (subs used did well)

Selectors Seamus Tynan, John Ryan,Tom Dooley,Anthony Maher.

Ref.Ger Grady


away win

Muckalee Junior footballers travelled to Urlingford to take on Emeralds in the League and despite the freezing conditions both sides served up a good contest. Early points from Shane Kinsella John Joe Kelly, John Maher and two from Robert Shore had the visitors ahead after 15 minutes . From there to the break it was Emeralds who dominated to level the score 0-5 each. Wind assisted Urlingford started well in the second then Harry Kealy goaled in the 35  minute to regain the lead. When Daniel Comerford finished to the net in 50th minute to stretch the lead to five points it looked a good lead but Emeralds scored a goal to reduce the lead to two points with minutes remaining. A point from Eugene Maher restored the three point margin , Robert Shore  and John Maher added to what the scored in the first half. Final score 2-11 to 1-11

Team Paul Maher,Ciaran Fitzpatrick Capt, Alan Murphy, Richard O Shea, Darragh Quinlan, David Walsh, Shane Kinsella0-1, Colm Kealy, Harry Kealy 1-0,Luke Maher, Tom Morrissey, John Joe Kelly 0-1, Robert Shore 0-3, John Maher 0-5, Eugene Maher 0-1.

subs Daniel Comerford 1-0, DeanFarrell, Danny Quirke, Conor Mulhall, James  Carrigan, all played

    selectors John Ryan, Tom Dooley, Seamus Tynan, Anthony Maher.

Ref. John Guinan


First outing

Muckalee had their first outing of the Senior Football League with an away game v James Stephens at the Kells road venue. It was the visitors who made the brighter start with points 4 points from Bryan Byrne but James Stephens finished the stronger to lead at the break 0-5 to 0-4. On the resumption Bryan Byrne levelled matters but the next two scores went to Stephens, Muckalee responded with points from Byrne,John Mulhall and John Maher to put themselves in a winning position but in an exciting finish a 21 metre free in the last play of the game levelled the game 0-8 each. This was an exact replica of the scoring pattern of the Junior game last night. Team Stephen Murphy, Noel Darcy, Oliver Walsh, David Walsh, Brian Cody, Patrick Nolan, Jason Shore, Thomas Breen,Mick Morrissey, John Mulhall, Tom Morrissey, Sean Maher, Eugene Maher  Bryan Byrne 0-6,3f. Shane Kinsella.

Subs Luke Maher (used), Darragh Quinlan(used), John Maher 0-1,John Joe Kelly, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, Conor Mulhall.

Selectors Tom Cullen Eoin McGrath, Paul Maher


Ref. Sean McMahon



First into action

Muckalee Junior footballers were the first team from the Parish into action for 2019. Railyard were the opposition in Muckalee under lighs. A blend of youth and experience was evident in  both sides and after a well contested game the spoils were shared 0-8 each. The half time score was 5 points to 4 in favour of Railyard with John Maher and Harry Kealy on the  score sheet for Muckalee. In the second half Sean Maher, John Joe Kelly and John Maher added further scores. Final score Muckalee 0-8 Railyard 0-8, next game on February 3  v Emeralds in Urlingford.

Team John Coonan, Ciaran Fitzpatrich, Alan Murphy, Richard O Shea, Daragh Quinlan, David Walsh, Shane Kinsella, Sean Maher 0-1 Capt. Harry Kealy 0-1, Eugene Maher, Paul Maher, James Carrigan, Conor Mulhall, John Maher 0-5 3f, Danny Quirke. Sub.John Joe Kelly 0-1.

Selectors Seamus Tynan, Tom Dooley, John Ryan, Anthony Maher


Ref.John McCormack

25/1 2019

Mullinavat retain title

Mullinavat retained the Senior Football title after a win against Muckalee.The game was played before a good attendance in sunny Bennettsbridge. It was the challengers first appearance in the final since 2015. Tom Breen opened the scoring but it was Mullinavat who settled the better with an early goal and points, the reply was a goal from Ollie Walsh with the assist from Sean Maher, and a  point from Tom Morrissey with a quarter of the game elapsed. From this to break a converted penalty to the champions, and two black cards to the Muckalee defenders had an undue impact on the game. Two further scores from Brian Coady and Tom Breen left the score at the break 2-5 to 1-4 in favour of Mullinavat. The second half was dominated mostly by Mullinavat, despite this Muckalee kept on trying and added a goal from Mick Morrissey with the assist from John Maher and points for Bryan Byrne, Ollie Walsh, John Maher and Colin McGrath. Muckalee had five newcomers introduced by the managment this year,well done to the men from the south on winning the double in fine style. Final score 5-11 to 2-9.

Team Stephen Murphy, Damien Tynan, James Maher, Noel Darcy, Colm Kealy, Paddy Nolan, Jason Shore, Thomas Breen0-2,Mick Morrissey (Capt.)1-0, Brian Coady 0-1, Tom Morrissey 0-1, John Mulhall, Ollie Walsh 1-1, Bryan Byrne 0-1, Sean Maher.

John Coonan, John Maher 0-1, Colin McGrath 0-2, Eugene Maher (used), Shane Kinsella (used), Tom Walsh, David Walsh, Eoin Murphy, Jack Nolan, Adrian Farrell, Luke Maher, Tommy Quirke, Mark Coady, Ciaran Fitzpatrick, John Joe Kelly Matthew Cullen, Robert Reid, Adam Comerford (inj.) Joe Maher (inj.)

Manager John Maher

Selectors Tom Cullen, John Maher, Eoin McGrath, Paul Maher, Robert Shore


Ref. Sean Cleere


Muckalee make Final

 Near neighbours Muckalee  and Railyard squared up in the Semi-final of the Senior Football Championship for 2018. Muckalee made the better start with Mick Morrissey and Ollie Walsh scoring points. Railyard opened their account with a goal in the twelfth minute, further points followed from Tom  Breen, John Mulhall and Brian Coady and Railyard finished the first half scoring with two points. Points from Bryan Byrne, Ollie Walsh and a pair from Brian Coady signalled a good start to the second half. John Mulhall set up a goal when he won a ball in the half back line and picked out Brian Coady who off loaded to Bryan Byrne to finish to the net. Railyard kept striving for a place in the final and when they converted a penalty followed by a point left a goal between the sides with time running out. The next score was going to be vital and it was Bryan Byrne who settled the nerves and ensured victory in a high quality and well contested game in Ballyhemon.

Stephen Murphy, Damien Tynan, James Maher, Noel Darcy, Colm Kealy, Patrick Nolan, Jason Shore, Tom Breen 0-2 1f, Mick Morrissey 0-3,Brian Coady 0-3 1f 1 45,Tom Morrissey, John Mulhall 0-1, Ollie Walsh 0-2, Bryan Byrne 1-2, Sean Maher.

Subs John Coonan, Eugene Maher, Shane Kinsella, John Maher (used), Thomas Walsh, David Walsh, Colin McGrath, Adrian Farrell, J J Kelly,Tom Quirke, Jack Nolan, Eoin Murphy, Ciaran Fitzpatrick,Mark Coady,

Manager John Maher Selectors Robert Shore. Tom Cullen

Ref. Peter Burke


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