St Martins GAA / Muckalee GFC Membership Draw Results 2021

300   Seamus Tynan
150   Ann Hennessey
100   Miriam Quinlan
50     Paddy Nolan
50     Sean Haughney
50     Pat Geoghagan
50     Claire Ryan (Murphy)

300   Helen Butler
150   Helen Corcoran
100   Padraig Burke
50     Marie Healy
50     Padraig Keegan
50     Veronica Clancy
50     Eithne Coogan

300   Maura Tynan
150   Matty Kealy
100   Mickey Kelly
50     Michael Ryan
50     Ann Stapleton
50     Mary Kelly
50     Paul Bolger

300   Ann Morrissey Waterbarrack
150   Marie Dowling
100   Niall Moloney
50     Tommy Quirke
50     Mrs Seamus Malone
50     Marie Maher
50     Adrian Dempsey

300   John Ryan
150   Ann Morrissey Waterbarrack
100   Liam Coogan
50     Colin McGrath
50     Pat Fitzpatrick
50     Brigid Breen
50     Eleanor Kinsella

300   Anita Patterson
150   Ollie Nolan
100   Paddy Morrissey
50     Judy Lannon
50     Noel Shortall
50     David Shore
50     Eamonn Holohan

St Martins GAA / Muckalee GFC Membership Draw Results 2020


300      Annette Stapleton, Ballyfoyle

150      Lucy Lawler, Ballyfoyle

100      Maura Rice, Coolraheen

50        Judy Somers, Cruttenclough

50        Eamonn Breen, Muckalee

50        Martina Manning, Rhue Lane

50        Miriam Quinlan, Cruttenclough


300      Ann Nolan, Knockalane

150      Tom Somers, Cruttenclough

100      Shem Kelly, Knockmajor

50        Mary Shore, Cruttenclough

50        Kathleen Tynan, Muckalee

50        David Walsh, Coolcullen

50        Helena Nolan, Knockmajor


300      Gerry Carrigan, Ruthstown

150      Luke Maher, Muckalee

100      Tom Dooley, Knockshanbally

50        Aidan Murphy, Clorinka

50        Patrick Healy, Cruttenclough

50        Richard Nolan, Knockmajor

50        Marie Dooley, Ballyfoyle


300      Aisling Hunt, Muckalee

150      Aisling Kelly, Brown Mountain

100      Michael Shortall

50        Gerald Comerford, Clorinka

50        John Mulhall, Knocknoo

50        Marie Butler, Corbettstown

50        Mary Brennan, Knockmajor


300      Joseph Shore, Coon

150      Brigid O’Keeffe, Coolcullen

100      John James Dowling, Park

50        Eilis Kelly

50        Jimmy Kelly, Cruttenclough

50        Sean Coady, Uskerty

50        Michael Brennan, Ballyfoyle


300      Vanessa Dooley, Gurtlug

150      Gerri Morrisssey, Julianstown

100      Ailis Tallis, Leapstown

50        Richard O’Shea, Damerstown

50        Aimee Feeney, Clorinka

50        Ollie Nolan, The Green, Ballyfoyle

50        Martin Dooley, Knockshanbally


300      Tom Lawler, Dunmore Park

150      Tom Murphy, Park

100      Aisling Shore

50        Brendan Healy, Cruttenclough

50        Martina Manning, Rhue Lane

50        John Flynn, Brown Mountain

50        Kadri Moore, Wildfield


300      Dick O’Shea, Damerstown

150      Martin Patterson

100      Robert Shore, Coon West

50        Mary Cody, Corbettstown

50        Conor Kinsella, Coon

50        Gerry Carrigan, Ruthstown

50        Patricia Maher, Muckalee


300      Treacy Kealy, Mothel

150      Paul Kinsella, Coon West

100      Ronan Shore, Coon West

50        Liam Dowling, Cruttenclough

50        Mary Doyle, Gurtlug

50        Ailis Kelly, Coon

50        John Mahony, Knockmajor


300      John James Dowling, Park     

150      Seamus Ring, Damerstown

100      Ollie Stapleton, Ballyfoyle

50        Mrs Tom Morrissey, Clorinka,

50        Deirdre Maher, Damerstown

50        Marie Dooley, Ballyfoyle

50        Marian O’Donovan, Coon West


300      Sean O’Neill, Coon East        

150      Patricia Buggy

100      Tom Shore, Cruttenclough

50        Kieran O’Brien, Coon

50        Gerald Comerford, Clorinka

50        Michael Quirke, Ballyfoyle

50        Marie Dowling, Cruttenclough


500      Rose Dowling, Cruttenclough

300      John Flynn, Brown Mountain

200      Paul Bolger, Drumherin

100      Mary Shore, Cruttenclough

100      James Kelly, Cruttenclough

50        Angela Ring, Damerstown

50        Richard Shortall

50        Jimmy Kelly, Cruttenclough

50        Kevin Cummins, Corbettstown

50        Noreen Kinsella, Coon West

50        Walter Tallis, Ballyfoyle

50        Thomas Kinsella, Coon West

St Martins GAA Summer Camp 2020

St Martins GAA will be running a Summer GAA Camp from the 10th to the 15th of August. The attached application form has all the details of the camp.

Ronnie’s Relay unites the Kilkenny community

On the 27th June, under the dwindling restrictions of the Covid-19 lockdown, a 24 hour virtual relay – Ronnie’s Relay -is being hosted by St Martins GAA club in north Kilkenny.

In this event, men, women and children of the parish will be walking, running or cycling “virtually” between every GAA pitch in the county, and for the record, there are 42 of them over a distance of 426km.

A whole host of stars have endorsed this via a video campaign from across all walks of life including Brian Cody, Jim Bolger, DJ Carey, Henry Shefflin, Davy Fitzgerald, Marty Morrissey, Colm Bonnar, Lee Chin, Derek McGrath, Stephen Ward, Ken McGrath, Ian Dempsey, Mags D’Arcy, Edwina Keane, Jon Egan, Ursula Jacob, Martin Kavanagh, Richie Hogan and Seanie Maguire.

But they will not be alone, they will be joined by many othersaround the country who have come out to support the event. The hurlers, footballers and camogie players of Muckalee, Coon and Ballyfoyle will be joined by members An Garda Siochana and the Army, Lisdowney, Castlecomer, Conahy and Tullaroan hurling clubs, Deen Celtic soccer club, Kilkenny Triathlon club, the local cycling club and the Nore Dragon Paddlers, to name just a few

Ronnie’s Relay is primarily being run in support of Veronica (Ronnie) Clancy, and is also in aid of two great charities, Jim Bolger’s Hurling for Cancer and the fantastic Carlow Kilkenny Homecare team.

Ronnie, originally a Lisdowney woman, married Niall in 2003 and settled in Coon. There they are bringing up their young family, Emma, Hannah and Evan. Ronnie is a proud member of An Garda Siochana, based in Athy. The family are steeped in sport. Ronnie is a member of the Nore Dragon Paddlers and is a committee member with “Relay for Life”, while Niall hurled with St Martins and is an active member of the club, serving as one of the many volunteers behind the scenes ensuring everything runs smoothly. All the children are involved at various levels within the club and Emma is also a keen basketballer with Kilkenny Stars.

While it all sounds picturesque, unfortunately it hasn’t been an easy path for Ronnie. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 when Evan was just 10 days old. As a young mother, an aggressive treatment path followed of both Chemo and Radiotherapy. The recovery was long and not without complication, but she was determined to recover. While she never officially received the all clear she was able to take up numerous activities supporting cancer charities. Through Relay for Life she was not just able to support the various charities, but she also inspired Emma & Hannah in 2016 to have their beautiful long hair cut to donate to the Princess Trust Fund for children also struck with this terrible disease. In 2016 Ronnie was one of the founding members of the NoreDragon Paddlers, a group of dragon boat paddlers who comprise of breast cancer survivors. With them she has been fortunate enough to travel throughout Ireland & Europe to compete in various events.

The spectre of cancer however was never far away from Ronnie having lost both her mother Mary and sister Mary-Beth to it in recent years. In January this year during a routine check-up, Ronnie received the crushing news that her cancer had returned. Her old enemy was back and this time it hadinvaded her bones. Knowing the battle that is ahead, the Clancy family have buckled down. Despite the disruptions caused to treatment in these unusual Covid-19 times, their battle with cancer will be hard fought.

Hence this community of north Kilkenny are determined to help. They have enlisted the support of many through St Martins Patrick O’Flynn , Chairman of St Martins Bord na nOg proudly states “It’s an honour for the club to facilitate this event for these great causes, especially in these challenging times”.

Friends, colleagues, acquaintances, sport stars both local and national, have pledged their support for this young mother & the charities involved. You can too, at Ronnie’s Relay gofundme page with €18.4k already raised. Be part of this story to support Ronnie and the broader cancer struggle through Hurling for Cancer and the Carlow Kilkenny Homecare team.

Details and regular updates can be found at St Martins hurling club facebook, twitter & Instagram pages and #ronniesrelay through Pado Flynn (083) 4631641 or Paddy Kealy (087) 276 0628

Ronnie’s Relay

We are running a cancer fundraiser for Veronica Clancy and Family and in association with Jim Bolger’s Hurling for Cancer charity and also the Carlow Kilkenny Home Care team who are specialist in palliative care in our local area. The format of the fundraiser will be a 24 hour virtual relay between all GAA club grounds in Co Kilkenny. We are planning to hold the event on Saturday June 27th and Sunday June 28th.  Participants will have the option of walking, running or cycling depending on the length of the leg of the relay.  All rules related to Covid 19 will be adhered to as part of the event.  If you wish to partake in the event please contact Paddy Kealy on 087-2760628 or for general queries contact Patrick O’Flynn on 083-4631641.  Thanks very much for your contribution. Donations can be made on Ronnie’s Relay Go Fund Me page.

Club Membership 2020

St Martins GAA  & Muckalee GFC Membership Breakfast / Brunch Morning:  the clubs are holding a membership registration morning on Saturday February 8thfrom 10:30 to 14:00 in Muckalee Community Centre.  If you come along and sign up your 2020 membership on the day you will get a free breakfast.  The General Election is on the same day, so people will have the opportunity to vote and then call over to the breakfast / brunch morning to pay their GAA registration.  Juvenile membership registration will also be taken as part of the breakfast morning.  There will also be an opportunity to make a voluntary donation to the primary schools teams.

St Martins GAA / Muckalee GFC Members Draw 2019

Oct 2019


€400               Padraig Keegan                               Ballyfoyle

€200               Abban Quinn                                    Coon

€100               Eamonn Healy                                 Julianstown

€100               Caroline Shore                                 Coon

€50                 James Dowling                                Park

€50                 Miriam Quinlan                                Crettenclough

€50                 Mikie Maher                                      Muckalee

€50                 John Buggy Jnr                                Drumherin


Nov 2019


€400               Jackie Bolger                                    Glebe House

€200               Samanta Dowling                            Ballyfoyle

€100               Adrian Dempsey                              Ballyfoyle

€100               Eithne Coogan                                 Damerstown

€50                 John Flynn                                        Knockshanbally

€50                 Deirdre Maher                                  Damerstown

€50                 Edward Walsh                                  Coolcullen

€50                 Noel Darcy                                        Coon East



Dec 2019

 €600               John Manning                                  Knocknoo

€400               Mary Cadigan                                   Uskerty

€200               Joe Nolan                                          Corbettstown

€100               Shem Hanlon                                   Drumherin

€100               Willie Lawler                                     Coon West

€50                 Thomas Nolan                                  Knockmajor

€50                 Siobhan Keegan                              Ballyfoyle

€50                 Ollie Stapleton                                  Ballyfoyle

€50                 Brendan Walsh                                Knockmajor

€50                 Shane Coonan                                 Damerstown

St Martins Race Night

The club are running a race night on Friday Oct 18th in the Cave Bar at 21:00.  Please support as the proceeds go towards our players and team championship preparations and the running of our facilities.  Lifts home will be provided free of charge.  Race cards are now available from committee members and players.  Anyone interested in sponsoring a race can contact any member of the committee.

St Martins GAA / Muckalee GFC Members Draw 2019

June 2019

€400                       Richard Nolan                          Knockalane

€200                      Larry Maher                              Damerstown

€100                       Lillian Holohan               Clorinka

€100                       John McGrath                            Cruttenclough

€50                         PJ Shore                                    Coon West

€50                         Jimmy Kelly                                Cruttenclough

€50                         Tom Cody                                  Kylefarney

€50                         Dan Comerford             Damerstown




July 2019

€400                       John Flynn                                  Knockshanbally

€200                       Larry Maher                               Damerstown

€100                       Liam Murphy                              Cassagh

€100                       Micheal Keane              Leapstown

€50                         Louise Maher                             Damerstown

€50                         Tom Dowling                              Cruttenclough

€50                         Liam Coogan                             Coon East

€50                         Bernie Manning             Knocknoo




August 2019

€400                       Aisling Kelly                               Knockshanbally

€200                       Mrs Niall Campion                    Knockshanbally

€100                       Catherine Shaw                        Rathdrum

€100                       Margaret Maher                        Damerstown

€50                         Siobhan Keegan                       Ballyfoyle

€50                         Pat McGrath                               Cruttenclough

€50                         Hughie Doone               Cruttenclough

€50                         John Hennessey                        Knockmajor




September 2019

€400                       Ailish Tallis                                 Ballyfoyle

€200                       John James Dowling                Park

€100                       Patsy Murphy                             Clorinka

€100                       Barry Power                               Knockmajor

€50                         Lynn Maloney                             Coon

€50                         Liam Dowling                             Barry’s Cross

€50                         Mairead Quirke             Ballyfoyle

€50                         Imelda Kealy                              Mothal

St Martins Inter County Bounty 2019 Winners

A dramatic final weekend of provincial action saw Wexford and Limerick take the spoils to bring us all the way back to the summer of ’96. Davy completing the full set of titles for his own personal collection and Limerick annexing all three major titles at the one time for the first time since 1936. Tom Murphy (€1000) and Helen Corcoran (€400) were joint top of the predictions with 180 points with Tom closer in his prediction for the top scorers winning out. Seamus Callanan and TJ Reid taking the top scorer from play awards after scintillating provincial campaigns. The Father and Son duo of Paddy and Tomás Morrissey could not be separated in the battle for third and share the All Ireland tickets of their choosing later in the year as both were within five of the correct score. Congratulations to the winners and sincere thanks to all those who took part and bought forecast cards for 2019.

Excel InterCountyBounty 2019 St Martins

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