Byrne Cup Semi Final vs. Clara

In Clara this evening,  St. Martin’s took on the homeside in the semi final of the Byrne Cup.  The first half was a very tame affair with Clara racing into the lead taking their chances.  Tom Breen, John Maher, Eoin McGrath and James Dowling pointed to reduce the deficit to six points at half time.  (Clara 0-14, St. Martin’s 0-8).  The second half saw a rejuvenated Martin’s side come flying out of the traps.  Within two minutes, the deficit was cut in half when a long range John Maher free landed in around the goal.  Paul Maher pulled on the dropping ball and sent it to the back of the net.  After 20 minutes of hard work, stallwart John Maher got the equalizer with a pointed free.  Luke Maher and Eoin McGrath traded points with their counterparts, but alas, it was Clara who got the upper hand with 30 seconds left on the clock to take the lead by a point.  Final score: Clara 0-22 St. Martin’s 1-18.

Team: Colin McGrath, Bryan Byrne, Ollie Walsh, Jack Dowling, Brian Mulhall, Paddy Nolan, James Dowling (0-1), Thomas Breen (0-3), Paddy Brennan, Paul Maher (1-0), Eoin McGrath (0-3), Luke Maher (0-2), Shane Kinsella (0-1), John Maher (0-7), Robert Shore (0-1).

Subs: Thomas Walsh, Eugene Maher, Shane Egan, Brian Cadigan. Donal Shore, Adrian Farrell.

Team Management: Charlie Carter, Richard O’Shea, Aidan Lawlor.

Referee: John Guinan

26th August 2014